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Update:  The 2023 date for this event has passed and the 2024 date has not yet been set. To discover more about our other upcoming 2023-24 events & programs, please contact us at to join our mailing list. Meanwhile we invite you to CLICK HERE to see photos from this event on our Facebook page.

The Feasts '24:

So Much to Share!

Each year, on the day before Thanksgiving @ Little Ivy Learning Center, your child, their classmates and teachers gather around their classroom table to share a feast—a separate a unique feast in each of our classrooms!

The Feasts, a Little Ivy tradition, are the culmination of a month-long series of activities that kicks off with In The Bag! Part of both our year-long Caring & Sharing and Healthy Nutrition curricula, for In The Bag! your child  brings home a paper bag they decorated in class and asks you to help them fill it with healthy foods. By giving your child ownership of their bag (with your help) they have hands-on opportunities to discover first-hand both the building blocks of good nutrition and the importance of doing good by joining with parents and friends to actively watch out for our Ridgewood neighbors in need.

Building on the spirit of In the Bag!, the students in each classroom also focus on the people, places and things in each of their lives they are grateful for, which they share with one another by creating a range of expressive decorations for their class feast— typically placemats, seasonal hats, decorations and more with their messages of thanks!

Some classes also spend the month exploring the language, lifestyles and cultural traditions of a specific group of Indigenous people—while the local Lenape people always are popular, others typically include the Wampanoag people who lived in a complex society long before the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock. Classes often create displays, huts/tents and/or skits in the style of the Indigenous people they have learned about to share with others.

. . . and of course, a largely full organic/all-natural turkey dinner, replete with mashed potatoes, jiggly, tart cranberry sauce (more popular than most of us would ever guess!), corn and something made of pumpkin!

With so much to share. . .

Let The Feasts Begin!