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Senior Nursery Program

Your child wants to build, observe, take things apart, count and read.

In our Senior Nursery Program, our experienced teachers harness your child’s natural curiosity to provide them with a program that teaches such important skills as critical thinking and problem-solving, all the while setting the stage for elementary school and beyond.

Our teachers make daily observations and spend time with your child both one-on-one and in small groups, so that your child’s unique interests and talents are fully explored. Our classroom is a loving and nurturing environment where your child can develop with confidence.

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Begin to learn how to make friends, recognize letters and numbers and show more independence. Our Senior Nursery teachers will provide a dynamic program that helps your child develop the skills and confidence they’ll need to succeed in school and in life.

Social & Emotional

Your child will continue to learn how to get along with others, better regulate their emotions and focus their energy on the things they enjoy. At this age, it is important to build self-esteem by providing each child with an supportive environment where they can be successful at learning new things. Our teachers provide a consistent, well-organized environment so your child can feel secure and loved at school.


Your child will be practicing identifying numerals, shapes and colors; recognizing the difference between top, bottom, over and under, greater than and less than, as well as the classification of objects. They'll learn how math is used to describe the world by interpreting numbers using graphs and charts about things they are interested in, including ice cream and rainy days!


Your child is starting to get ready for reading by identifying letters of the alphabet; recognizing same, similar, and different; symbol- and name-recognition; and developing an interest in books. They will improve their listening skills through short stories and poetry reading, following simple directions and identifying common sounds. Meanwhile, your child will develop their pre-writing skills by practicing eye-hand coordination, learning to work left to right, drawing vertical and horizontal lines, proper grasp of writing tool, and tracing letters.

Science &

Your child will continue to explore their natural curiosity through hands-on units which include: seasons, weather, parts of the body, plants, animals, and the five senses. They'll begin to perform simple experiments about wind, water and plants while their science vocabulary will begin to expand as they learn more about themselves and their environment.


Your child will continue building skills in our Movement and Games program. Outdoors, they’ll learn to play kickball and childhood games from around the world, all the while developing the gross motor skills of the large muscles of the back, legs, shoulder, and arms, working on their coordination and balance, too. In the classroom, they will work on developing fine motor skills of the small muscles of the fingers, hands, and wrists by working with play dough, stringing, lacing, coloring, gluing, painting, cutting, tearing, and folding.

Art & Music

Music is a way children begin understanding the sounds of language and the joys of expression. They’ll enjoy daily music lessons linking story, song, rhyme & rhythm. Meanwhile, their Art practice expands with the use of clay, different kinds of paint, textures and found materials.

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Come meet our director, teachers and students; tour our school and campus; and experience first-hand the personalized academic programs and social opportunities Little Ivy will provide your child and your family.

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