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At this special age, your child is focused upon using their new-found mobility, reaching out as they learn to trust and understand their ever-expanding world.

Little Ivy’s Beginnings Toddler Nursery Program provides your 8-to-24 month-old with both the experienced teacher-caregiver they need to guide and nurture their unique curiosity and a secure and stimulating learning environment.

Throughout the day, your toddler-on-the-go will have plenty of opportunities for individualized learning and conversation, while their primary teacher-caregiver provides a trusting home-base for love, comfort, care and guidance. Our daily schedule respects your child’s individual needs, while helping them to develop the skills they’ll need to succeed in and beyond school.

Whose Key Features Include. . .

Where Your Child Will. . .

Learn and grow in a secure and loving environment. During a typical day, your child will be provided with a personalized program that will help to develop their language and social skills. Our indoor and outdoor spaces allow your child to build their motor skills by crawling, walking, running and climbing.

Social & Emotional Development

We create a safe and secure environment where your child can learn to trust others and begin to explore their world. Our small teacher-child ratio of 3:1 ensures that your child will get the attention and interaction to feel loved, confident and ready for the world.

Math Development

Your toddler will learn about math through color play, sorting and grouping. They will be encouraged to explore their environment and learn key concepts such as over, under, inside and outside. New materials will be introduced as your child’s math skills evolve.

Literacy Development

Just like mom and dad, your child’s caregiver will read to your child throughout the day. Our caregivers will help your child build their vocabulary by narrating what they are doing and naming objects for them. Throughout the day, walks and activities will provide your child with lots of opportunities to see new things and learn new words.

Science & Experimenting

For your toddler, the whole world is a science experiment! We provide regular of opportunities for your child to safely explore the world and satisfy their curiosity. Science can be watching a cup of classroom caterpillars turn into butterflies, or dropping items into a water table to see what sinks and what floats.

Physical Development

Your child will love our indoor climbers and tunnels that help build their muscles, coordination and confidence! Our expansive campus provides your child with plenty of opportunities to practice walking, running and climbing outdoors.

Art & Music Development

Every day, your child will learn about rhythm and song with child-sized rhythm instruments using a story-based music program. For art, your child will get to experiment with a wide variety of materials and colors.

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We invite you and your child to join us for a personal visit.

Come meet our director, teachers and students; tour our school and campus; and experience first-hand the personalized academic programs and social opportunities Little Ivy will provide your child and your family.

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