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This year, your child is getting ready to enter Kindergarten. Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is carefully crafted so that they will enter this new phase of their education well-prepared and with the foundations for a life-long love of learning.

Our experienced Pre-K teachers blend a dynamic classroom design with personalized, small-group instruction to create an exceptional learning environment. Classroom learning centers are updated monthly to provide your child with hands-on extensions of our teacher-led lessons.

On a typical day, your child will choose to work in various learning centers including reading, writing, math, science, art, small math manipulatives, housekeeping, blocks, and puzzles. As some students work in various centers, small groups meet with the teacher for direct instruction in Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies.

As the school year advances, your child also will have opportunities to work within a larger group to help them get ready for the challenges of communicating in their large-group Kindergarten at the “big school.”

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Learn in an environment that both challenges them and provides them with the attention and support they’ll need to be ready to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.

Social & Emotional

Your child is preparing to leave the small class sizes and the familiar faces of preschool to go out into the broader world of elementary school. We’ll help them learn how to navigate relationships with their classmates, speak up for themselves in positive ways when they need attention, keep track of their belongings, and feel confident in their ability to learn new things. Our blend of teacher-led instruction and free play provides opportunities for children to build positive relationships with classmates and gain the independence that makes the transition to Kindergarten a breeze.


Your child will be assessed in Math starting at the beginning of the year. Your child’s teacher will then personalize lessons to make sure your child is getting the right challenges. We teach math with hands-on manipulatives in small groups. These math lessons are then extended and made available in our learning centers for your child to continue to explore concepts through open-ended play.


Our reading program uses high-quality picture books and non-fiction books to build vocabulary and reading comprehension. Your child will be assessed starting at the beginning of the school-year to determine which skills they’ll need to work on to be ready for Kindergarten. They’ll then work individually and in small groups with their teachers to develop the skills they need to be ready to read and write.

Science &

Your child will be engaged with in-depth studies of real-world topics, focusing on exploring them in depth, over a period of weeks. They’ll be introduced to the scientific method, making predictions and conducting experiments related to a variety of topics including weather, seasons, roads, insects, healthy food, plants, and animals. Topics rotate yearly and your child will have an opportunity to help choose the topics they are most interested in.


Your child will continue to work on developing fine motor skills of the small muscles of the fingers, hands and wrists by practicing letters and working with play dough, stringing, lacing, coloring, gluing, painting, cutting, tearing, and folding. Our daily movement program will continue with more team-focused outdoors games and activities to help your child continue to develop the gross motor skills of the large muscles of the back, legs, shoulder, and arms, as well as working on coordination and balance.

Art & Music

Our Art in the Afternoon program introduces your child to famous artists and art movements. With each artist, your child will have the opportunity to express themselves using some of the materials or techniques of the artist in focus. For music, we’ll begin learning about music vocabulary, how to count notes and read music.

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Come meet our director, teachers and students; tour our school and campus; and experience first-hand the personalized academic programs and social opportunities Little Ivy will provide your child and your family.

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