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Update:  The 2022 date for this event has passed and the 2023 date has not yet been set. To discover more about our other upcoming events & programs, please contact us at to join our mailing list.

Ready, Set, GO:

It's Spring Field Day!

Teams of our most senior students, wearing t-shirts in their team color, will be converging on our Main Playing Field on the afternoon of [TBD] for Spring Field Day ’23.

Led by Ms. Emily G., our head Games & Movement Education teacher, our annual field day events have historically included some combination of straight and staggered balance-beam courses, an egg-spoon race; hoop jumping; a soccer weave relay race; bean-bag toss; relay races; musical hoops & more!

Please watch your e-mail for details about Spring Field Day—including the color of your child’s team. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms. Emily or your child’s teacher.

While parents don’t typically attend Field Day, you always are welcome!