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Update:  The 2023 date for this event has passed and the 2024 date has not yet been set. To discover more about our other upcoming 2023-24 events & programs, please contact us at to join our mailing list. Meanwhile we invite you to CLICK HERE to see photos from this event on our Facebook page.

Stop, Drop & Roll:

Firefighters Spark Curiosity!

Firefighters from the Ridgewood Fire Department will be rolling one of their big, red engines onto campus on [TBD] and inviting each of our students on board for a close-up tour of the equipment as part of Fire Safety Month and our year-round Community Helpers curriculum.

In addition to the amazing fire truck tours, which may include climbing on-board the truck’s cab and hands-on opportunities for our students to shoot water from a real fire hose, each of our classes also will host an indoor rescue demonstration with a firefighter in full respirator mask & turnout gear (and a chance to try on a turnout coat). . . a Stop, Drop & Roll drill. . . and more!