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Update:  The 2023 date for this event has passed and the 2024 date has not yet been set. To discover more about our other upcoming 2023-24 events & programs, please contact us at to join our mailing list. Meanwhile we invite you to CLICK HERE to see photos from this event on our Facebook page.

HarvestFest: Pickin’ Pumpkins,

Playin’ Halloween Games!

With pumpkins as far as the eye can see. . .  games that may include Rings-Around-the-Witch Hats, the Great Smiling Pumpkin Toss, the Candy Corn Beanbag Challenge, HarvestFest Mini-Golf and more. . .

. . .  our students and teachers will be gathering on the Main Playing Field and the Picnic Grove, which have been transformed into a giant pumpkin patch ready for the pickin’ with Halloween-themed games created by our older students for HarvestFest ’24 on [TBA].

No need to choose between Trick or Treat? It’s all treat when your child brings home the pumpkin they’ve picked for you and your family!